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"SD Glass" offers an alternative to surface applied film. With SD Glass, standard IGU's, high quality blast, ballistic, forced entry and hurricane window systems can now include U.S. DoD strength electronic eavesdropping protection.
SD Film

SD Polycarbonate
SD Polycarbonate
SD Glass
SD Technology is encapsulated between layers of either Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB), Dupont SentryGlas® Plus (SGP), or urethane and specified glass.

-The encapsulation protects SD Technology from damage, cleaning methods or tampering, while enhancing the physical security characteristics of the window.

-SD Glass is ideal for Design Build, New and Retrofit construction efforts.

-SD Glass can be customized to meet your specification and include SD Technology, Switchable Privacy and wire mesh (to meet high levels of attenuation at very low frequencies in addition to the high end of the spectrum) if required, all in one.

"Switchable Privacy" is available as a standalone product as well. This product offers instant "Visual" security at the flip of a switch. The product's liquid crystal base will also provide an outstanding projection display as an added benefit.

"SD Ultimate" If you are looking for the ULTIMATE in US DOD strength security and privacy, we offer MAKROLON® HYGARD that incorporates BOTH SWITCHABLE PRIVACY and SD Technology all in one laminated polycarbonate sheet. This dual combination of materials and technology produces one of the most high tech and beneficial windows available on the market today :

    Unsurpassed anti-eavesdropping (meeting US DoD Standards):

    Complete visual privacy.

    Unsurpassed energy performance.

    UV protection for fade and health.

    EMI protection for equipment and health and

    Physical security to meet your requirements.
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