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    Option of finishes; Gloss and Antiglare
    Compatible with solvent & UV curing screen inks and many UV curing ink jet printers
    Embossing capabilities for membrane touch switch applications
    Compatible with Fototex enabling selective texturing to be incorporated on parts


    Extensive flex life of  >5 million actuations
    Extremely durable and resistant to scratching, scuffing, chemicals and solvents
    Excellent colour clarity when printed
    Gloss or Antiglare finishes that are absolutely consistent across the film surface

General information:
Product Range:

    Autoflex EB Gloss
        Autoflex EBG130L, EBG180L, EBG250L   for solvent graphic inks
        Autoflex EBG137L, EBG187L for UV graphic inks

    Autoflex EB Antiglare
        Autoflex EBA130L, EBA180L, EBA250L   for solvent graphic inks
        Autoflex EBA137L, EBA187L  for UV graphic inks

Autoflex EB has an ink adhesion primer on the second surface. There are two primer options, one for solvent inks, the other for UV inks.  These primers provide excellent adhesion to a wide range of graphic inks. For information on which primer is suitable for digital printing please contact Please note that some of the electrical and mechanical properties of the 7 series films differs from the standard product.  Please refer to the Autoflex (7 Series) product data sheet.

Polyester films with high gloss surfaces are prone to blocking when stored with the film surfaces touching each other. Blocking is the term given when two surfaces adhere or merge into each other and when separated leave un-removable marks on the film. For this reason MacDermid Autotype supply the Autoflex film range with a protective laminate and recommend that the laminate remains in place until the first print pass.

Autoflex EB can be screen printed with Fototex to obtain selective textures (see Fototex product data sheet).

Outdoor use
In common with most other plastics, Autoflex EB has limited long term resistance to UV light and therefore is not recommended for long term use outdoors. MacDermid Autotype has developed a textured, UV resistant film, which can be used outside. Please see Autotex XE Product Data Sheet.

No outdoor version of Autoflex EB is available.
Key Applications
    Electro Luminescence Lamps
    Fascia Panels and Overlays
    Medical Applications
    Membrane Touch Switches
    Product Labels and Nameplates
    Touchscreens/ITO Sputtering

Product Literature

Autoflex EB is a high quality, screen printable, hard coated polyester film, consisting of a base polyester and an embossable, texturable, chemically bonded UV-cured hard surface coating.
AutoFlex EB
AutoFlex PC
AutoFlex PC