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Extreva HP Indigo Films
Wide Format and flat bed digital printing manufacturers such as Mimaki, Epson, HP, Durst, Mutoh, Canon, Teckwin, Roland, Ricoh, Gandy Digital, Fujifilm, Oce, EFO, InkTec and Matan Digital Printers have been accepted by the market to be the future of printing large format signage including banners, posters, pop up and pull up displays and general signage and in some cases may be more economical than short-run screenprinting. Wide format printers generally use a roll of print material rather than individual sheets and may incorporate hot-air dryers to prevent prints from sticking to themselves as they are produced.

GAT Digital Printable Films
GAT Technologies range of high performance digital wide format films are used generally in 2nd surface (reverse printed) applications allowing the clear textured, anti-glare or gloss surface film to protect the image. Industrial graphic applications are also gaining traction for our films in lieu of our traditional screenprinting industrial films for protype and short run work.

We carry three versions of GATJET wide format digital films for the three printing technologies as highlighted below, GATJET Aqueous, GATJET Solvent and GATJET UV:

GATJET Aqueous:
This polycarbonate based film is primed with an Aqueous coating that requires uses thermal or Piezo inkjet  printers using an ink known as aqueous or water-based. The pigment is held in a non-reactive carrier solution that is sometimes water and other times a substitute liquid. Aqueous ink generally comes in two versions, Dye and UV (alternatively known as pigment). Dye ink is high color, low UV-resistant variety that offers the widest color gamut. UV ink is generally duller in color but withstands fading from UV rays. Similar in general principle to desktop inkjet printers. Finished prints using dye inks must be laminated to protect them if they are to be used outdoors while prints using UV inks can be used outdoors un-laminated for a limited time. Various materials are available, including canvases, banners, metabolized plastic and cloth. Aqueous technology requires that all materials be properly coated to accept and hold the ink like our GATJET Aqueous film.

GATJET Solvent:
This polycarbonate based film is used primed with a solvent compatible coating and the 'solvent' term is used to describe any ink that is not water-based. Piezo inkjet printers whose inks use petroleum or a petroleum by-product such as acetone as its carrier liquid. "Eco-solvent" inks usually contain glycol esters or glycol ether esters and are slower drying. The resulting prints are waterproof. May be used to print directly on certain substrates without the need for a specific primer coating but cannot print successfully onto Lexan polycarbonate film, Makrofol polycarbonate film or Rowtec polycarbonate film without our unique GATJET solvent primer coating process.

This polycarbonate based film is suitable for Piezo inkjet printers whose inks are UV-curable (Dry when cured with UV light). The resulting prints are waterproof, embossed & vibrant. Most media material can be used in this technology, polymer (synthetic) based media are best but caution should be taken to test print any material prior to a production run to ensure compatibility between ink and substrate, especially with polycarbonate films. Our primer coating process on our GATJET UV polycarbonate film ensures excellent compatibility for most UV printers available on the market.
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