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Extreva HP Indigo Films

Extreva® is the most advanced coating technology for HP Indigo available today. It is a multi‐layer system designed to enhance all aspects of printing on plastic or synthetic media. Extreva® has been certified by HP Indigo to respond to the demanding requirements of the industry. These are consistently flat sheets with superior functional performance built into the coating. The proprietary surface chemistry delivers excellent printability and ink adhesion far superior to any other product of its kind. It insures fast drying and resists contamination caused by fingerprints or offsetting inks.

Extreva HP Indigo Films

Whether your project calls for durability, longevity, surface compatibility, ease of finishing, or FDA approval, Exteva® Synthetic Films have something for every application. Our selection of Pressure Sensitive Films includes: flexible vinyl - PVC, Teslin®, polypropylene, window cling vinyl and polyester. Our Non-Adhesive Synthetic Films include: ClingZ® for HP Indigo (static charged polypropylene), transparency film, synthetic paper, Teslin®, rigid vinyl - PVC, and Ultra Green® Film tree-free "paper."

Extreva® Synthetic Films eliminate the complexity of offset printing. With little or no drying time and immediate post-processing capabilities, they make printing on films effortless.
We are constantly working to introduce new and innovative film products to bring the most cutting-edge applications to your pressroom. Our team of application experts will work with you to help select the right film for every application
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The functional performance of Extreva was designed for efficient processing to lower your production costs , minimise down time and improve yields. This high performance coating will not turn yellow or lose printability over time. Extreva® is environmentally friendly and when used properly will extend the life of printer blankets. Extreva® is currently available on Rigid Vinyl for point‐of‐purchase, signage and card applications, as well as on Synthetic Paper, Styrene and other specialty films and paper substrates.

GAT Technologies Extreva® brand offers the widest range of RIT certified plastic films for HP Indigo digital presses that out-perform any other on the market today. Let us show you how printing on synthetic films for HP Indigo can be profitable with our tremendous amount of technical and application expertise.

Enjoy the benefits of our enhanced digital films, treated with the most advanced film coating available for HP Indigo presses. This treatment formula is designed to enhance all aspects of printing on film, offering unparalleled performance and printability with exceptional ink adhesion. Our revolutionary coating will not yellow over time, and has an unprinted shelf life of two years and an unlimited printed shelf life.