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SciCron Technologies offers a range of high performance antistatic, static dissipative or conductive coated plastic sheet and film subsstrates coated with proprietary coatings that offer World's best practice coating application and chemistry designed to control static electricity for a wide range of end uses.

This performance is permanent and totally independent of humidity.

This coating technology resists tribocharging under all circumstances and cannot generate a charge when properly grounded.
This makes it ideal for use in manufacturing and assembly operations for charge sensitive electronic components where it can help prevent both immediate and latent ESD caused defects.

Since it resists charge build-up it does not attract contaminants, so it can also help prevent contamination-related rejects in ultra-clean manufacturing operations.

Consequently, it is suitable for use in the semi-conductor, electronic, and micro-manufacturing industries.
Data sheets for all specific products with all associated technical specifications as per below PDF sheets:

ABF300 Antistatic - Static Dissipative Adhesive Backed Polyester Film
AC300 Antistatic - Static Dissipative Acrylic Plastic
AC350 Antistatic - Static Dissipative Acrylic Plastic - Bending Grade
CPVC300 FM 4910 Antistatic - Static Dissipative PVC Plastic - Bending Grade
CPVC300 FM4910 Antistatic - Static Dissipative PVC Plastic
MAR-CON AS Dual Coat Antistatic Mar Resistant  Acrylic - Framing Grade Glazing - Pastel Compatible
PC-300 Antistatic - Static dissipative polycarbonate plastic
PC350 Antistatic - Static Dissipative Polycarbonate Plastic - Bending Grade
PVC300 Antistatic - Static Dissipative PVC Plastic
TMF300 Antistatic - Static Dissipative Polyester Film


Provides for ESD control without the need for ionization.
Permanence in static dissipation performance
Avoids cost of application of temporary topical anti-stats.
Humidity independent static charge control
Avoids inconvenience of maintaining high levels of humidity and damage caused by such humidity.
Advanced technology, uniform surface treatment
Avoids conductive discontinuities (charged "hot spots") often found with non-uniform temporary topical anti-stats.
Superior impact resistance
Provides exceptional shatter resistance for safety.
Superior flame spread properties
Provides additional protection for equipment in a fire.
Hard, mar resistant, durable surface
C-300 surface, harder than the base plastic, reduces risk of damage to the sheet surfaces.
Superior chemical resistance
Reduces risk of solvent or chemical surface damage.
Excellent clarity

These premium quality sheet and film substrates are surfaced with SciCron Technologies proprietary, clear, antistatic, static dissipative or conductive coated surfacing.

These products exhibit superior impact resistance and flame spread properties, plus excellent clarity, chemical resistance, and mar resistance.

This unique technology prevents charge generation on the sheet and film surface, thereby controlling particulate attraction and preventing electrostatic discharge (ESD) events.
Typical applications include; guards, covers, windows, doors, and access panels for electronic equipment, assembly machines and instruments; conveyor line covers; transparent room partitions; process equipment enclosures; and mini-environment glazing panels.

The product also has many general industrial uses, including protection for static charge sensitive manufacturing devices and control of spark discharge in explosive environments such as underground mining and related static charge sensitive environments.

Substrates that are available within this range include polycarbonate sheet, acrylic sheet, CPVC sheet, self adhesive polyester film and non adhesive polyester film.

The sheet products are also available in bending or fabrication grade and offer exceptional design versatility since it fabricates simply, is light in weight and is available in large sheet sizes.

Trim Fluid is a general purpose, solvent based, static dissipative coating liquid which can be used on a variety of plastic substrate materials to make the surface of the plastic electro-conductive in the static dissipative range of surface resistivities. It is normally used as a touch-up coating on cut edges and machined surfaces of SciCron Technologies static dissipative sheet products. This touch-up coating prevents static charge build-up on these edges and surfaces and it provides electrical continuity across the cut or machined area.

It can also provide continuity from front to back surfaces of a SciCron Technologies sheet product by forming an electro-conductive bridge across the edge of the sheet. Trim Fluid is also used on glue lines in items fabricated from SciCron Technologies sheets to provide electrical continuity across the glued joints.
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