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Rowlux® is a multi-lensed effect thermoplastic film manufactured in polycarbonate, flexible PVC and PETG. Rowlux gets its effects of motion and dimension from thousands of minute parabolic lenses that are molded into the surface on both sides of the film. These lenses create a pattern of absorption and reflection of light which result in optical characteristics that are remarkable and unique. Shimmering silk, stardust sparkles, geometric repetition and three dimensional are some of the ways to describe this material.

These materials also lend themselves to many downstream
processing methods. Printability is the key to Rowlux. Silk screening, litho and flexo are just a few of the printing methods that have been successfully utilized on Rowlux materials.

Polycarbonate and PETG can be easily hot stamped for rich and varied effects. Rowlux Illusion Film can also be easily die cut and adhesively bonded to many different substrates.

Applications for Rowlux are as varied as the imagination allows. It has been used in packaging applications, point-of-purchase displays, vending machines, clothing, apparel and accessories, business cards, decals, home furnishings, CD packaging and many other ingenious applications

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