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Armoured One

GAT Technologies is the Exclusive distributor of Armoured One Security Film.
Active shooter incidents are becoming more frequent and when your building needs to go into lockdown, it is important to have glass that is designed to slow down or deter an attacker from gaining entry with a gun. If you have glass that you’re not planning on replacing, then our shooter/attack/bomb resistant security film is a great option.
It’s the first film to be shooter/attack certified, which means it is designed for bullets to go through, but will still hold together for longer than typical safety film. Armoured One’s security film was designed by active shooter experts and is military/police grade. Installation of this film is applied on the inner most surface of your existing glass and anchored to your existing framing.

Armoured One’s security film is the heaviest gauge film available on the market and utilizes a patented adhesive technology that allows it to achieve strength that other films cannot.


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