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PALSHIELD 318 offers clear, bullet resistant glazing for a variety of security glazing applications. The layered structure gives the panels superior physical and multi-shot protection, absorbing the entire impact energy without shattering or spalling. Additionally, an abrasion resistant coating gives PALSHIELD 318 long life service, making it ideal for applications in public areas. If you require tough, highly durable polycarbonate sheeting for commercial or industrial applications, GAT offers a range of PALSHIELD products that will meet your needs.


PALSHIELD bullet resistant glazing is designed to protect those behind the sheets from bullets, impact, blasts and more. With a durable and hardwearing coat, it ensures safety in almost every situation.


PALSHIELD is a versatile glazing solution, offering comprehensive protection in all settings. If you require reliable polycarbonate sheet, PALSHEILD will deliver the results you need without compromise. Need a product for a specific application? We can point you to the right product for your needs and cut it to size. We offer lamination, CNC cutting, digitising and more, ensuring you can get the glazing you need in the correct size for quick turnaround and immediate application.


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