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Tuffak® AR (formerly Makrolon®)

GAT Technologies supplies commercial and industrial clients with a comprehensive range of Tuffak AR (formerly known as Makrolon) Polycarbonate sheets, film, and glazing. We are the sole Australian importer and distributor for high-performance Tuffak polycarbonate safety and security laminate sheeting. We’re able to offer our clients a range of solutions depending on budget and required outcomes. Discuss your needs with our team and we’ll ensure you get the products you need.

Tuffak AR2 (Formerly Makrolon® AR2) - Abrasion Resistant and UV Resistant

Makrolon / TUFFAK AR (Abrasion Resistant) 2 polycarbonate sheet is a one or both sides hard-coated polycarbonate product that adds higher abrasion resistance and surface hardness to polycarbonate’s inherent performance benefits of impact strength and clarity. The proprietary Tuffak® AR2 hardcoat has the highest abrasion resistance rating for coated polycarbonate based on CSIRO test report in accordance with ASTM D 523-89 (1999) – Standard Test Method for Specular Gloss, and is approaching abrasion resistance of glass.

This product is available in clear, a range of standard tints, or can be custom matched to any colour.

It provides excellent chemical resistance and long lasting outdoor weathering performance. This product is available in clear, a range of standard tints including Green and Grey, or can be custom matched to any colour.

Tuffak® AR2 meets building elements testing and rating for intruder resistance to AS 3555.1-2003 to Level 1, 10 minutes from continued attack with a 3kg Axe and further compliance to a modified AS 3555.1-2003 using attack equipment such as Broom, Mop Bucket, Fire Extinguisher, 25mm SHS steel section, Claw Hammer, Mallet, Small Crow Bar, Hand Saw and Pruning Saw for a total test time of 12.5 minutes.

Certificates available on request.

Tuffak® AR surface technology is also available in AR-1 (AR1), a one side hardcaoted Tuffak® high Optical grade sheet suitable for lamination to other substrates as the exterior surface.


TUFFAK AR Polycarbonate Sheet is excellent for a range of different applications. Many Prisons, Youth Detention Centres, Banks and Police Stations have our Tuffak sheets installed as their preferred material for safety and security glazing & anti-jump barriers, and we have played our part in protecting the welfare of our Australian citizens by working with DFAT and supplying our polycarbonate sheeting and laminate to various Australian Federal Government overseas embassies and facilities. 

If you’re seeking TUFFAK AR for a specific application, our team can work closely with you to supply you with the product that will best meet your specifications and achieve the best possible results. With extensive product knowledge and years of professional experience, we can provide you with the support you require.

Cleaning Tuffak AR

TUFFAK, like other polycarbonate products, needs precise cleaning to prevent crazing, breaking or yellowing of product. Clean water should wash off the grime and loose grit from all panels before cleaning products are applied. Just a soft microfiber material or microfiber sponge should use to clean TUFFAK windows. Avoid squeegees, deck/scrub brushes, scotch pads, paper/shop towels as they can be irritating and cause haze or swirls in the sheet. Avoid grit polishes as abrasives can lead to confusion and swirls.

Formerly Makrolon USA

As of August 1, 2018, Plaskolite have changed the brand name Makrolon in the USA to Tuffak. While the product is the same, Makrolon products from the USA will be under the banner of Tuffak.

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