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Tuffak Marine 5

GAT Technologies are the sole importer, stockist and distributor for the World’s only polycarbonate system of boat clears of Makrolon/Tuffak that offer various solutions depending on budget and required outcomes. 

TUFFAK Marine 5 sheet is a polycarbonate product designed for applications demanding high optical clarity, exceptional durability, and longevity against the harsh marine environment. State-of- the-art manufacturing processes provide low optical distortion for clear views and unparalleled sight lines. The advanced hard coat technology provides excellent abrasion resistance, enhanced clarity, chemical resistance, and long lasting outdoor weathering performance. TUFFAK Marine 5 maintains its impact strength in extreme temperatures to -30ºF. TUFFAK Marine 5 can be easily cut and sewn, making this a more versatile option versus glazing materials that require gluing. TUFFAK Marine 5 is offered with a five (5) year Limited Product Warranty against micro-cracking, yellowing, and breakage. The terms of the warranty are available upon request.


Marine flexible enclosures, tent and awning enclosures 

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