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GAT Technologies offers a range of one and two-way mirror solutions, including polycarbonate and acrylic. Available as sheeting or as film, we can cut the product you need to size for easy application or installation. Discuss your needs with our experienced team today and we’ll connect you with the product that will best meet your needs. With years of experience behind us and extensive product knowledge, GAT Technologies’ team is prepared to help from the moment you call to the sale and far beyond. Call now for a consultation.

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Our range of polycarbonate two-way mirror products is durable, abrasion-resistant, and impact resistant. Additionally, with good chemical and solvent resistance built-in, they offer both comprehensive protection and superior mirror-like qualities. Both products are available in the traditional mirror silver colour, with reflective properties similar to glass, or they can be used as a one way / two way mirrored surface for interview rooms and similar applications.

We also offer aircraft-grade mirror sheeting, which meets FAR25.853(a) flame retardant requirements. Made of specially engineered lightweight polycarbonate resin, this aircraft-grade polycarbonate mirror will not support continuous combustion, making it an ideal choice for commercial aircraft applications.

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What is Two Way Mirror?

Two way mirror is a semi-transparent mirror that reflects on one side and not the other. Typically, two-way mirrors are installed like regular indoor windows, with one side delivering a clear image of your own reflection like a normal mirror, while the other side is fully transparent similar to glass.

One way mirror and two-way mirrors are often used as different terms for the same thing. However, we offer two-way mirror glazing that is reflective on both sides and can be installed similar to how a window would be installed. GATGARD polycarbonate and acrylic two-way mirrors also products offer superior protection when compared to typical glass mirrors.

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