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GAT technology StewarDship PROGRAMME


 GAT Technologies is focused on delivering sustainable solutions 

  • We source products that are Eco-friendly like lightweight Korogard 500, resulting in lesser energy consumption in transportation.
  • We keep in mind the full cycle of our products which includes manufacturing to recycling.
  • We source and stock innovative, best in class fire rating  and impact products from around the Globe from a diverse range of sustainable technology.
  • Our reputation has been built over many years as a sustainable solution based partner for our customers which has proved invaluable time and time again for a cost-effective and timely outcome for many projects and applications.

Welvic Australia - Our Stewardship Partner

Welvic is the Australian brand associated with the quality vinyl compound, market-leading product and class-leading technology and technical service – and has been for more than 40 years. As a vinyl-focused polymer compounder originally formed from the vinyl compound business of Orica Australia (formerly ICI Australia) and PolyOne, Welvic is one of Australia’s largest polymer compound business’s.​
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Global Greentag - Certifying The World's Best Eco Products

GAT Technologies is proud be Global GreenTagCertTM Certified with our Korogard® 500 range of products, achieving a GreenTag PlatinumHEALTH rating outcome under the GreenTag PHD™ Product Health Declaration™ program and also a  GreenTag GreenRate™ Level A Certification.Global GreenTag International helps buyers find and trust eco-friendly products, using Global GreenTagCertTM  one of the most scientifically advanced certification systems in the world that assesses and ranks products against criteria for environmental, health and ethical impacts.
Korogard® 500 successfully underwent GreenTag’s Product Health Declaration™ program (officially recognized by leading green building rating schemes WELL™ and LEED®), a product health declaration process that is extremely robust and demanded of us 100 percent transparency of all product ingredients down to 100 parts per million and full knowledge of all our supply chains. 
Not only does Korogard’s PHD™ transparently report on the toxicology of its ingredients, the product was assessed and rated for its health impacts on end users when installed in a building as well, which resulted in a PlatinumHEALTH rating, the highest level a product can achieve under GreenTag’s HealthRATE™ scheme. The outcome also made Korogard® 500 the first product in its category to achieve a PlatinumHEALTH rating. 

Korogard 500 - Green Building Materials

Korogard® 500’s GreenRate™ Level A Certification Award (the highest level of GreenRate certification that can be attained) is the result of a whole-of-sustainability product assessment.GreenRate certification is highly recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star® program and its Responsible Products Framework but also the International WELL Building Institute’s WELL™ program. It is further recognised by NZGBC’s Green Star® in New Zealand, GBCSA’s Green Star® Africa, the Malaysian Government Agency GreenTech Malaysia’s MyHIJAU ecolabelling program, Singapore BCA’s Green Mark® International rating tool, Vietnam GBC’s LOTUS® rating tool, ISC’s ‘IS’ rating tool (Infrastructure Sustainability Council globally) and NZGBC’s HomeStarNZ® rating tool for Sustainable Product and Materials Calculator credits.As one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognised ecolabels, GreenTag is supporting GAT Technologies as we work towards a greener, more sustainable future. You can learn more about Global GreenTag on their website
  • Korogard 500 is engineered to meet the best in class fire rating, group 1 BCA in accordance with  AS 5637.1-2015 locally tested and recognised in accordance with the Australian Building Code.
  • All sales representatives within GAT Technologies have extensive knowledge in understanding for wall and door protection in all health sectors projects within Australasia.
  • All Korogard standard colours can be matched to Dulux colours and LRV.
  • The end of life of all Korogard-500 up to 90 % is recyclable which then is re-manufactured into recyclable PVC pipes within Australia.
  • Korogard 500 has achieved achieved a PlatinumHEALTH rating, meaning there are no health impacts or substances of concern at any stage of the product life cycle.
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