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ANTIMICROBIAL surface properties have been a topic of discussion in recent times given the COVID 19 pandemic and the need to ensure that surfaces are as hygienically clean as possible.

In the healthcare industry, antimicrobial protection and preventing the growth and spread of microbes — including odour and stain causing bacteria and fungi—can be particularly important. Antimicrobial protection is a distinct benefit in areas where cleanliness matters.

When bacteria comes into contact with antimicrobial surfaces, the antimicrobial function disrupts the bacterial cell wall killing or inhibiting bacterial growth. The result is that the surfaces of these products provide dependable and constant protection against bacterial contamination.

These GATGARD AM films incorporate Microban® antimicrobial protection permanently embedded in the micro-fine textured hard-coat, that continuously fight the growth and spread of microbes such as odour and stain causing bacteria, mould and mildew.

The films have a unique, tough hard-coat on the top surface, and are available in printable and self-adhesive (overlaminate) versions. The printable version allows customised graphics to be printed on the rear (second surface) of the film using screen or digital printing methods. The self-adhesive version is used as a protective overlaminate that works with most flat and non-porous surfaces. This hard-coat offers exceptional scratch, impact and chemical resistance while maintaining excellent clarity for colour and graphic detail.

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