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Anti-Reflective Polycarbonate

GAT Technologies is the exclusive supplier of the GATGARD® range of Anti-Reflective and hardcoated polycarbonate sheet with high optical quality and dramatic reduction in visible glare. This product is ideal for any application that requires an extremely impact resistant protection screen with very high optical value, clarity and visibility through the proprietary dual anti-reflective and hardcoating technology. GATGARD® Anti-Reflective Polycarbonate meets DOT/FMVSS 205/ANSI Z26.1 Item AS-4, and is NHTSA approved for use as a protective driver partition. It is virtually unbreakable at approx. 250 times stronger than glass eliminating the hazards associated with broken glass, has the inherent strength and fire resistance of the base polycarbonate sheet, along with the excellent chemical, solvent and abrasion resistance with the added feature of best in class anti-reflective technology. This surface treatment gives similar abrasion resistance to glass, but only weighs half of the equivalent thickness glass. It can also be cut to size and fabricated, using standard wood working tools. Below is a list of applications that this product is suitable for:

  • Monitor & TV screens
  • Retail & POS screens
  • Mass Transit Vehicle Driver screens
  • Mental Health Facility screens
  • Public Transport Information screens
  • Amusement Park screens
  • Secure Facility screens
  • High Traffic Area screens
  • Abusive Environment screens

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